Tip of the day from your Surrey Party Entertainers

Hi party planners!

Todays tip is about party food!

Drinks cartons are easy to hand out and are less likely to spill. If your party is for children aged 3 or 4 it’s a good idea to stick the straws into the cartons for them before handing them out. Children also often struggle to open packets of food,  so open these too 🙂

In our opinion finger food is easier than hot food that needs cutlery. It is also less time dependant and it’s easier to clear away too!

Ice lollies and ice cream on a stick is not a good idea as it melts and bits drop off. 30 melting ice lollies makes for a sticky floor and sticky children! Fresh fruit and cake works well.

Our themed party entertainers can present the cake and have Happy Birthday music for the children to sing along too!



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