Childrens Party Entertainer Pictures

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Batman magic

Cerys Party 4 140215


Feedback photo How to train your dragon

Ella & Anna singing 190715

Children jumpping at party

Aurora, Snowhite and Price Charming

 Flitter Fairy and Elfie. Thanks for the photo Fairy Jessica! xx

Captain Stinky and Cinderella party. Thanks for the photo Princess Rosie & Pirate Lola xx

Thanks for the picture Evie! xx

party hamsphire

Thanks for the picture Chloe!


Princess Aurora and Elfy Elf Party. Thank you for the photo Princess Kimmie! xx

Princess Parties with Magic and Disco

Rapunzel and the Kids blow a magic spell onto Crackers the Parrot’s rope!


Thanks for the picture Ollie!  xx

Princess and Pirate Party in Surrey Hampshire and Berkshire

Rapunzel and Captain Stinky Party. Thank you for the photo Darcy & Harriet! xx

Pirate Party for boys and girls

 Pirate Penny paints cheek and arm motifs whilst the pirates tuck into their pizza feast.

party with games for children in Surrey

Princess and Pirate Party. Thank you for the photo Hannha! xx

princess party toy story entertainers

Princess and Woody Party. Thank you for the photo Deia! xx

Themed Childrens Disco Party

Alice in Wonderland themed wedding entertainment. Thank you for the photo Katy! xx

Party with prizes in Berkshire

Thanks for the picture Luke! xx