Party tips from childrens party entertainers in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire!

Party tips from children’s party entertainers in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire!

Our children’s party entertainers have performed at hundreds of children’s themed parties across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire! Our Pirate, Princess and other character party entertainers have compiled a list of party tips for you. We hope they help you to have a fun, safe and successful children’s party!

Balloons on strings.

Children love balloons, that’s why we provide balloon modelling! When we arrive at a venue we often find that the venue floor has been covered in balloons for decoration. Our balloon tip of the day is…do not attach stings to these balloons as they then become a trip hazard. Balloons on there own are much safer and are just as pretty 🙂

Pass the Parcel
Lots of children like pass the parcel at their party. Our children’s party entertainers regularly entertain for 40 children at a time. With so many guests at your party, pass the parcel can become a very long game! We suggest that you make at least two or even three parcels and have the children sit in two or three circles. That way all the children enjoy the party game and get a go quickly without having to wait to long. Also, it means that your party entertainers can fit more fun and exciting games into your party!

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